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EZ-Sculpin  "Fly-Kit"tm

Sculpins and leeches have been popular patterns of fly fishers for many years.  Numerous patterns exist, many with very realistic features.  We feature a Sculpin pattern on our instructional tying DVD built by Wayne based off patterns from Oliver Edwards of the UK.     While that sculpin is quite adequate- we started a search to find a more fly-tying & fishing "friendly" pattern.    The answer- the EZ-Sculpin. 

The EZ-Sculpin was "borrowed" from our good friend Mike Schmidt of Angler's Choice Flies (www.anglerschoiceflies.com)   Mike is a commercial fly tier and fly fishing maniac.    He has a huge interest in streamers and larger size flies and the fish they tend to catch.      You will find most of the patterns that he ties & fishes have some sort of triggers and design characteristic (even though simple in nature when tying) that make them very productive.

If  you fish woolly buggers, Clouser's or big streamers give this pattern a try.  

Each "Fly-Kit"tm  includes:

  •  a custom tied fly, carefully packaged in a small plastic box.

  •  color, digital, photographs of the tying steps.

  •  a letter including material preparation tips & other information.

  •  premium hooks in our favorite size.

  •  all the necessary materials, hand selected, to tie eleven additional flies.

  •  Note- this kit contains several colors of dubbing and rabbit so you can tie an assortment of EZ-Sculpins!

    Order a
     EZ-Sculpin  "Fly-Kit"tm today!

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