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GR-Egg Sucking Leech"Fly-Kit"tm

The GR-Egg Sucking Leech is a simple pattern that is certainly based on several other tier's patterns.  We are not claiming origination, just suggesting you try this deadly fly for steelhead and other fish. 

If  you fish woolly buggers, Clouser's or big streamers give this pattern a try.  

Each "Fly-Kit"tm  includes:

  •  a custom tied fly, carefully packaged in a small plastic box.

  •  Florescent Orange & Chartreuse beads

  •  color, digital, photographs of the tying steps.

  •  a letter including material preparation tips & other information.

  •  premium hooks in our favorite size.

  •  all the necessary materials, hand selected, to tie eleven additional flies.

    Order a
    GR-Egg Sucking Leech "Fly-Kit"tm today!

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