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GR-Flashback Beetle "Fly-Kit"tm

If you fish for trout and panfish with a flyrod.....if you like terrestrial patterns....then you have to check out our "terrestrial" "Fly-Kits."tm

We have created a GR-Hi-Vis Ant; GR-Lady Bug; GR-Blue Damsel Adult, GR-Cricket, GR-Hopper and the GR-Flashback Beetle..  Harrison Steeves is known for creative terrestrial patterns, and has many effective flies that have become very popular.  Our goal, was to develop a durable, effective pattern made from foam and innovative materials of today's tying world.  The end result after trial and error is a beetle featuring a  flashback material.

Try this effective pattern when you can't detect a hatch-
and don't forget to try our other terrestrial "Fly-Kits."

Each "Fly-Kit"tm  includes:

  •  a custom tied fly, carefully packaged in a small plastic box.

  •  color, digital, photographs of the tying steps.

  •  a letter including material preparation tips & other information.

  •  premium hooks in our favorite size.

  •  all the necessary materials, hand selected, to tie eleven additional flies.

    Order a
    GR-Flashback Beetle  "Fly-Kit"tm today!
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