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GR-Scud "Fly-Kit"tm

Scuds belong to the class "Crustacea" which also includes sowbugs, crayfish and shrimp.  Scuds are essentially a mini shrimp.  They are quite active, and can swim up to two inches per second.  They are found in streams as well as lake waters.  They are most abundant in grays and olives, but frequently found in tans and oranges.  Many scud patterns exist today, tied with many different materials.  Our particular pattern is very durable and uses several unique materials.   

We have included 3 colors of dubbing in each kit so you can tie and fish several different patterns.  

Each "Fly-Kit"tm  includes:

  •  a custom tied fly, carefully packaged in a small plastic box.

  •  color, digital, photographs of the tying steps.

  •  a letter including material preparation tips & other information.

  •  premium hooks in our favorite size.

  •  all the necessary materials, hand selected, to tie eleven additional flies.

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    GR-Scud "Fly-Kit"tm today!
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