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Klinkhamer   "Fly-Kit"tm

The Klinkhåmer

Thoughts of fly origination-              If you visit our friend Hans van Klinken on the web  (simply GOOGLE his name)  you will find the entire history of this brilliant pattern as well as his very own tying instructions and fishing thoughts.    Hans explains how he dropped his first Klinkhamer into Norway's mighty Glomma River in June of 1984 and became obsessed with the deep hanging parachute style dry fly.   He also details the efforts of Tomas Olsen from Sweden and Roy Richardson and Mike Monroe from the USA along with their contributions.    Our pattern mirrors his original fairly closely and we even feature his new hook from Daiichi.    Our kit includes "poly" yarn which was in the original pattern.   We also have included several colors of dubbing for you.

Each "Fly-Kit"tm  includes:

  •  a custom tied fly, carefully packaged in a small plastic box.

  •  color, digital, photographs of the tying steps.

  •  a letter including material preparation tips & other information.

  •  premium hooks in our favorite size.

  •  all the necessary materials, hand selected, to tie eleven additional flies.

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