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Fly-Fishing Workshop    (Updated with 2018 prices)

While we don't have a lodge, fly shop or drift boat we do have a passion for working with beginners, intermediate and even advanced fly-fishers looking for a unique experience.  We  have paid to take quite a few fly fishing workshops for comparative purposes and what we have learned is- many of them end up having you spend a  lot of time in the classroom and not on the water.  And, in a group setting one instructor is not enough.

Our goal:        is to go over the basics of the basics with you in about one hour and then spend the rest of the time on the water- about seven hours.  We use two instructors for small groups for better instruction.

What we do:      we provide limited access to private waters for instructional and educational purposes.  We stress learning the basics of casting, insects, trout tendencies, leaders and tippets, knots, detecting a strike, setting the hook, playing a trout, landing and netting properly and suitable release methods.  We will fish with a dry fly, nymph or wet fly, streamer, terrestrial and even try midge fishing- carefully outlining the basics of each.

Cost:        our "on-the-stream" workshops are all inclusive to make sure you have the best possible experience regardless of your level.

  • One Person-  full day $350.00- total. (one instructor)      Typically 9:oo am until 5:00pm
  • Two People-  full day $400.00- total. (one instructor)     Typically 9:oo am until 5:00pm

  • Groups of 3 or more-  negotiated per individual depending on group size and experience - email or telephone for discussion.  (two instructors)

All prices include:

*    use of gear if necessary 
(rod, reel, line, leader, tippet- etc)
*    custom tied flies 
(yes, we have secret patterns)
*    private fishing fees and taxes
(no license is needed)
*    catch & release fees and taxes   
(if you decide to keep trout you can pay by cash per pound)
*    lunch 
(typically we break for a nice lunch indoors)
*    one-on-one instruction
(obviously this is much harder in a GROUP session- but we still try our best)
*    flash drive containing digital photographs taken during the day 
(yep, whether you land a big trout or snag a tree branch we will try to snap a photo for you!)

Great Father's Day gift!

                                  Great Birthday Gift!

                                                              Great Holiday Gift!

                                                                                          Heck, great way to just treat yourself!


Call or email us to get more details and schedule a date.

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