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 Description      (Update with NEW patterns and 2018 prices- see info & photos below)

The "Fly-Kit"tm is our flagship product.  It is a fly pattern specific kit which contains instructions and all of the necessary materials to tie additional flies.  

Each kit contains

  • A hand tied fly to follow when tying- packaged in a plastic box.
  • A cover sheet containing fly origination info and the pattern recipe
    as well as material preparation tips and other info.
  • Very detailed tying instructions including "color" photos of the steps.
  • Premium fly tying hooks.
  • Carefully, hand selected and packaged materials to tie 11 more flies.

Why buy a "Fly-Kit"tm

  • In-expensive way to try new materials, hooks, patterns and techniques.
  • Proven patterns that catch fish.
  • Ideal for a "beginner" or as a travel pack for the "advanced".
  • Designed by fly tiers for fly tiers.
  • Finest materials available for best results.

    Made in the U.S.A.


Current kits           (closing in on 15 years of business- we are now starting to        "discontinue" kits, either because we can't get original materials any longer or because we simply want to keep adding new kits- see below)

Click on the hyperlinks to view fly pattern photos!

Several patterns below do not have a hyperlink and photo- we are very close to finishing these kits which we have been developing!

Streamer / Minnow / Leech / Crayfish patterns

  • GR-Beadbugger (olive) a wooly bugger spin-off, great for trout, bass and steelhead.
  • GR-Black Woolhead Leech (black) our favorite bass pattern- great for larger trout and steelhead also.
  • White Minnow (Ed Shenk originator) great trout, bass, bluegill pattern.
  • GR- Deep Minnow  great trout, bass, saltwater, bluegill pattern.     Discontinued in 2015
  • River "god"  Fry (Dennis Potter originator) great fry or minnow pattern for trout, bass, panfish.
  • Cone-head Matuka  great trout, steelhead  and bass pattern.  Discontinued in 2015
  • Egg Sucking Leech  great trout, steelhead and bass pattern.
  • Ruby Eyed Leech  great productive Blood leech and Canadian Olive leech combo kit!      New Kit! 2010-2011
  • Full-motion Crayfish  great Crayfish pattern for Trout & Bass - Crawdad Orange & Olive combo kit!      New Kit!  2012
  • EZ - Sculpin  great Sculpin pattern for Trout & Bass - assorted colors in each kit!      New Kit!  2012

Terrestrial / Damsels / Hoppers

  • GR-Hi-Vis Ant (black) great trout and bluegill pattern.    DVD Pattern!
  • GR-Flashback Beetle (black) great trout and bluegill pattern.
  • GR-Lady Bug (red & orange) great trout & bluegill pattern.    DVD Pattern!
  • Blue Damsel Adult great trout and bluegill pattern.
  • GR-Hopper  semi realistic, durable, grasshopper pattern for trout, bass and panfish.    DVD Pattern!

Wet Flies / Caddis Larva / Nymphs 

  • GR-Clark Creek Caddis (olive,cinnamon,caddis green) bead-head caddis larva. Trout.
  • Rollover Black Stone Nymph great trout & steelhead pattern.   New Kit! 2010-2011    Discontinued in 2015
  • GR-Soft Hackle (orange, yellow, purple) trout and bluegill pattern.    DVD Pattern!
  • GR-Scud (grey, olive, orange) semi-realistic pattern for trout and bluegill.    DVD Pattern!
  • Czech Nymph  famed caddis larva / green rock worm pattern from over seas- trout, stealhead & panfish

Dry Flies

  • Adams (Hi-vis wing) famous Adams- trout and bluegill pattern.
  • X-Caddis (Dennis Potter version) trout and bluegill pattern.
  • Para Nymph (Tom Baltz originator) great trout and bluegill pattern.
  • "River god" Emerger   (Dennis Potter version) generic mayfly emerger for trout and bluegill.
  • Klinkhamer   world famous searching dry fly pattern!     New Kit! 2010-2011

Specialty Patterns

  • Predator (Skip Morris originator) a foam pattern for bass, bluegill and even trout.
  • Bear's Crystal Egg  (Jeff "Bear" Andrews originator)  steelhead egg pattern- also trout and other fish.
  • GR-Midges  some of the biggest fish are caught on the smallest flies- try it!
  • Cross-cut Mouse  some of the biggest Trout, Bass & Pike are caught MICE!     New Kit!  2012

Cost and Purchase Info      (  2018 Prices!  )

The  "Fly-Kit"tm  is sold 2 different ways:

  • Individually-  select from patterns listed above @ $20.00 each which includes basic USA postage charge.

  • Monthly- sign up to receive a different kit each month- mailed right to you.

                          12  Months @ $225.00 which includes basic postage (USA)

ORDER Form and Information Request 

We are not a "cyber" company as you can tell by our website!  We are a people to people company.  So, complete the following boxes and let us know what kind of information you are looking for or which of our products you would like to purchase.  We will contact you by telephone or email you back typically within 24 hours.  

Its that simple!

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Individual "Fly-Kit"tm Purchase:  Please use the "text box" to indicate which kit you would like to purchase and the quantity of each.  We will contact you by telephone or email to discuss payment options and answer any necessary questions.


Monthly "Fly-Kit"tm Purchase:  The "monthly" program is very popular and the best value.  We mail you a different kit on or about the 15th. of each month.  Please "check" 12 month option below.  We will contact you by telephone or email to discuss payment options and answer any necessary questions regarding your tying level and fishing preference.

    12 Month Membership  $225.00 for 12 kits including basic (USA) postage.



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