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Our Mission:    

Started in 2000, we are a specialty company that caters to fly tiers and fly-fishers.  Our goal is to provide several products and services that allow you to have a more positive fly-tying and / or  fly-fishing experience.  Please enjoy our website!

Our Products & Services:

All of our specialty products and services are made and offered with "you" in mind.  And, every product is made one-at-a-time and in the United State of America.  We spend quite a bit of time searching suppliers, vendors and other sources for the highest quality materials available.  

Our Promise:

We stand behind our products and services.  Can we guarantee that our flies will catch fish or you will learn how to tie a realistic stonefly imitation in thirty minutes- NO!  However, we are people-people and we want to know if you need assistance or if your expectations have not been satisfied.  We promise to work with you to make things better!   Contact us anytime.


How to place an order?

Those of you that know Glenn, know he still carries a flip phone!  Enough said.  Placing an order is easy.  Either go to our Contact us anytime page and send us an email (we will respond within 24 hours usually) or place and order from our Fly-Kit page by filling in your info at the bottom of the page and hitting send.    We will contact you, workout a deliver time and payment.   Is that easy.




"It's Chess not Checkers!" TM



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