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Our goal is to provide you with a web site "link" or a telephone number for our favorite friends in the fly-fishing and fly-tying world.  Also, we list pertinent information for those vendors and companies that reciprocate support.

Please visit them and tell them Glenn River Fly Co. Ltd. sent you!



Derek DeYoung  
   I spotted Derek's original oils at a show a number of years ago and said - "I hope this kid makes it".....several years later I enjoy the prints I have hanging in my tying room as well as knowing that not only has Derek made it but his reputation has grown considerably.  Browse his website and enjoy.....or see an original and indulge.

Boxes (Fly Boxes / Shadow Display Cases/Boxes / Frames)

"Tach-It"-     magnetic fly boxes and fly tying products are extremely useful and well designed products.  We fish without a fly vest, and find the small magnetic fly box to be essential for midges, small nymphs, scuds, emergers and even smaller dries.  The box is compact and easy to use.  The fly tying "Tach-It" standing magnet is perfect for the tying bench and has thousands of uses.  It is complete with a hackle and hook gage as well as a small ruler.   
GR  -  "Guide / Pro Program"

Sawdust & Stitches     Whether you want a shadow box type wall display to protect and display a custom fly or collection of flies or a table-top Lucite display box for similar purposes our good friend Barry Mill of Sawdust & Stitches has a solution.  Please visit his website and make a purchase- you will be glad that you did.
GR  -  "Professional-Sponsorship"

Clubs  (Social and Private Fishing)

Buckeye United Fly  Fishers-      B.U.F.F. has been in existence since 1975 and a major influence in the growing popularity of fly fishing in the greater Cincinnati area and tristate area (Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky).   As a club, they have nearly 250 members and conduct workshops, training sessions, community service,  and meetings frequently. 

Entomology Gear and Accessories

Wind River Gear Inc.    
Entomology is a very important function of fly-tying and fly-fishing.    Having equipment and gear that is durable and innovative is important as well.  We use Wind River gear on the stream and during our workshops.
GR  -  "Guide / Pro Program"

Fly-Tying    (material sources)

Whiting Farms
      We tie quite a few flies and teach quite a few fly-tying workshops.    We also use hackles in several of our fly-tying kits.    In our opinion, it is tough to beat the consistency and quality of Whiting hackles.
GR  -  "Professional-Exclusivity"

Nature's Spirit    
We tie quite a few flies and teach quite a few fly-tying workshops.    We use hair all of the time- especially elk, deer and moose.        But, if you are like us, and want a dependable source for tanned, clean, high quality, consistent, hair then look for NATURE'S SPIRIT.    If your fly shop or material supplier doesn't have it- ask them to get it for you!    It is that good- period.
GR  -  "Professional-Exclusivity"

Fly-Tying (tools) 

  We tie a lot of flies at Glenn River and we teach a lot of beginner fly-tying.  We have owned and tied on several different models of Dyna-King, and find the workmanship to be excellent.    We recommend Dyna-King for beginner and advanced tiers.

Rite Bobbins  are adjustable tension bobbins made by Merco Products of the U.S.A.  They make and distribute 4 different models which will equip you to tie everything from saltwater  to micro-midge patterns.  I tie exclusively with the "Rite Bobbin" owning several dozen in total- which I leave spooled and adjusted on the tying bench.  The Rite Bobbins are widely distributed.  Visit the Merco Products website today and do yourself a fly-tying favor!   My final thought......if you think the drag system on your fly reel is important....wait until you set the "drag" on a spool of 10/0 fly-tying thread with a RITE bobbin.    
GR  -  "Dealer" & Pro-Program


RIO Products    Not all fly lines are equal- in our opinion.  However, we also agree that fly line preference is an individual decision.    We stand behind the fine products and fly lines of  RIO and highly recommend them for any and all fly-fishing situations.                Glenn's favorite line- the Trout LT series.
GR  -  "Guide / Pro Program"




Nets that Honor the Fish      We are firm believers in practicing Catch & Release.    As such, we also believe that a high quality, custom, hand built landing net is more than just a tool....................it is a beautiful part of the catch & release process.    Dr. Sam Lacina, of Grand Rapids - Michigan, builds some of the nicest custom nets that we have ever seen.   Visit Sam's website for a "first look"....but be sure to see one of his nets in person.............you have a nice rod......you have a nice reel......why not Honor the Fish and have a custom net?                                                 
GR  -  "Professional-Sponsorship"




McFarland Rod Company  Glenn River Fly Co. Ltd. is a small personal company with people-people.    We have searched the industry for a small people-people company that strives to build premium fly-rods.    McFarland Rod Company is and does just that.    They have several different lines available and can custom build quite a few more.     
GR - "Guide / Pro Program"
              Glenn's favorite graphite fly-rod- the Emerger series.

Wading Gear and Accessories

Simms     gear and apparel that is functional, innovate and capable of any abuse and extreme weather that you put it through.    Price is only an issue in the absence of value- treat yourself!
GR - "Guide / Pro Program"



Luminox     The challenge.....put on a wrist watch, take it outdoors in every possible element, regardless of the extremeness- from the coldest Winter days fly-fishing over trout rising to sip midges in the mid-day sun to the most oppressively hot days on a saltwater flat in the Bahamas chasing the ever elusive Bonefish.....and oh-by-the-way never take it off.    That's what we believe is the true test of a timepiece.   If you desire cutting edge technology, forward-thinking design and extreme performance- then treat yourself to a Luminox.  
GR -
"Outdoor Professional Program"

Glenn's Navy Seal #3007 watch which was never taken off since September 2009
was retired on 02-15-2015 and replaced with a Series #3001...........a new journey of outdoor  challenges begins!

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