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Glenn Weisner and Wayne Samson are available for Monthly Club Meetings, Banquets, and Fly-Fishing Group Presentations & Demonstrations by appointment.

Our "custom" presentations feature digital quality photography, Power Point format and  "computer based projection" system for display purposes.  We spend a lot of time on the water fly fishing and we enjoy sharing our experiences with others.  Are we foremost leading experts?  Nope.  Certified entomologists?  Not hardly.    But, as they say on TV  ..."we stayed in a Holiday Inn Express last night".............

Simply stated- our goal is to build "presentations"  and "demonstrations" that are both enjoyable and educational.  Glenn is a very good speaker in a group setting ad regularly gets asked back to present again.

Presentations available as of  2017 season     
 New Presentations Listed Below 

  •      A View of England-     travel with Glenn and Wayne and visit the famed Angling Fair of Chatsworth and visit numerous legendary private waters with our good friend Oliver Edwards including the River Itchen, River Meon, River Avon and the River URE fly-fishing for trout and grayling.................the presentation will introduce you to the culture, countryside and people leaving you with a flavor of things across the pond.    NOTE:  This presentation is roughly 10 years old now and the Chatsworth Angling Fair has been cancelled.  If we update these slides we will post accordingly.

  •      A View of South Central Pennsylvania-     travel with Glenn and Wayne and visit the historical area of South Central PA famous for lime stone streams and last names such as Fox and Marinaro.   Take a look at numerous legendary waters with our good friend Tom Baltz including the famed LeTort, the Yellow Breeches, the "Run" @ Boiling Springs and a few "no namers" that we have to blind fold you to take you to.....    We attempt to introduce you to a smattering of the history and probably will peak your curiosity while sharing fishing techniques and tactics of the legendary lime stone spring creek region.

    Target audience-    this presentation is VERY fly-fishing based and features commentary on several streams more as an introduction to the area for those who have not fished SOUTH central Pennsylvania.
  •     A View of Crooked Island, Bahamas and the Saltwater-    travel with Glenn and Wayne and visit the virtually uninhabited island of Crooked Island in the Bahamas.    Armed with big sticks, suntan lotion, sunglasses and absolutely no experience on saltwater we were guided by our very close friend Chris Helm (a regular to the salt) and of course the locals who kept saying to Glenn ..."hey maaaan...those TROUT moves will not work down here maaaan".....   Our goal of this presentation is to introduce you to the world of saltwater fly fishing, the elements, the quarry, the gear & clothing,  the people and the way of life that will surely captivate you.  

    Target audience-    this presentation is VERY fly-fishing related and is basically a "destination" presentation for those wishing to learn more about the small, seemingly primitive, out island and it's wonderful people and fishing opportunities.
  •     A View of the Private Spring Creek Waters of Ohio-     travel with Glenn and Wayne as we introduce you to the  precious Spring Creek venues found in north western Ohio.    Your trip begins in the historical Castalia, Ohio on the banks of the famous Cold Creek which bubbles from beneath the earth's surface.  As you travel downstream you will make stops at the prestigious Castalia Club, the Ohio State Fish Hatchery, OI's Millsite Farms and finally the Sunnybrook Trout Club.   Each stop will detail the beauty of this region and detail the fishing clubs which have evolved over time.   Whether it's the steeped traditions of the Castalia Club, the Blue Holes & steelhead of the Fish Hatchery,  the unique blend of the corporate and natural feel of Millsite or the realism of Sunnybrook something is sure to capture your attention.      The final stop will be RockWell Springs Trout Club where you will see yet another water source and enjoy the beauty of the tree guarded property.   Each stop's history, layout, people and fish will be part of your journey. 

    Target audience-    this presentation is for anyone who desires to learn more about the region and it's historic fly-fishing venues.  Each club is outlined including how non-members can join or simply visit as a guest.
  •      Terrestrials-     (most popular presentation)  this presentation includes a nice mixture of "bug" information, fly-fishing commentary and fly patterns all focused on land born insects known as- Terrestrials- the important bug when there is no "hatch".   We cover Ants; Beetles; Crickets; Grasshoppers; Lady Bugs and Damsel & Dragon flies with fun facts and practical fishing applications for warm and cold water fish.  We continue to add photos, fly patterns and fishing situations to this presentation on an annual basis.

    Target audience-    this presentation is mainly for a fly-tying & fly-fishing audience desiring to learn more about Terrestrials.
  •     Working with CDC-      (most popular demonstration)   note, this is a DEMONSTRATION (not a slide show format) which is both informative and practical.  Our goal is to conduct a full length demonstration featuring CDC.  We will talk about CDC as a material, where it comes from, it's characteristics, where to purchase it and what determines good quality from poor.   We will demonstration tie (on a projected screen) several CDC fly patterns showcasing the CDC Feather Rolling Tool and the CDC Magic Tool.   We will talk about specific fishing applications for each pattern tied.  We will discuss the various "floatants" and "cleaning agents" available in the market place.  And finally, we will attempt to demonstrate rather convincingly both the productive powers of CDC as well as the ease of restoring CDC while on the stream fishing.

    Target audience-    this DEMONSTRATION is for a fly-tying audience primarily and a fly-fishing audience secondarily.  
    NOTE-      several clubs have asked us to build this demonstration into a group tying workshop which we have gladly done.   (contact for pricing if your group or club has an interest) 
  •     MIDGE Fly-Fishing-  (tactics, techniques & patterns)    (2nd most popular presentation) this presentation is designed to introduce fly-fishers and fly-tiers to the world of small flies.    Years of subtle, slow moving, gentle flowing spring creek fishing - resulting in countless hours of frustration trying to hook big trout, feeding in the surface film on micro size "whatever" have all contributed to Glenn's sickness for MIDGES.   Glenn's goal of this presentation is to try to draw upon the many books, magazine articles, personal friendships and other experiences he has had to debunk some of the mystery behind "small fly fishing".    Bug basics are covered along with essential gear, productive patterns, practical fishing techniques and other B.S. stories......and of course a few fish pics!

    Target audience-    this presentation is mainly for a fly-tying & fly-fishing audience who desires to learn more about MIDGE - or small fly fly-fishing. 

  •     A View of Yellowstone Park-  (hiking & fly-fishing the Northeast entrance)

     new for 2017 season     While we are certainly not experts on the vast wilderness of Yellowstone Park, we have made several extended trips- specifically to the Northeast part of the Park.  This presentation will take you on a journey as you fly into Billings, Montana, visit the sleepy historic mining town of Red Lodge, then drive up and over the nation's most historic scenic road covering Beartooth Pass and finally parachute into the Northeastern part of Yellowstone Park.   Plenty of hiking, fly-fishing, wildlife and spectacular scenery is sure to catch your attention as you sit back and look at perhaps the most majestic valleys in the country.  Streams such as Pebble Creek, Soda Butte Creek, the Lamar River and Slough Creek are featured complete with fishing discussions, fly patterns and strategies to plan your next trip.

    Target audience-  this presentation can be used for a monthly club meeting in a shorter version or in a slightly longer version for a larger general audience such as an annual banquet. 

  •     50 pictures - 50 tips to improve your fly-fishing     new for 2017 season     when I look at fly-fishing club's websites at their line-up of annual speakers, the presentations seem to look familiar.   Often, the subject matter is a specific river, region or specie of fish.   Just like some of our presentations listed above!    It is with those thoughts in mind that I started to build this presentation several years ago.      Who doesn't like to look at pictures?  Who doesn't like to hear a tip every now and again hoping to pick up a new one?    I know I sure do!  This presentation is a series of pictures collected from all of our fishing trips over the years.    The goal is to lead a fun, light conversation about  gear, apparel, knots, fly patterns, casting, tippet, leaders, floats, floatants, tools, casting, presentations, etc.)

    Target audience-    this presentation is mainly for a fly-fishing audience

    Presentations under construction:
  •     Cold Weather Fly Fishing - tips for success
  •     A View of the "Drift-less" Waters of Wisconsin
  •     A View of Ireland- classic streams of Ireland / Northern Ireland with travel discussion
  •     A View of Iceland- classic salmon and Brown trout fishing with travel discussion.
  •     A View of Bosnia- classic grayling and Brown trout fishing with travel discussion.

       Fees updated for 2017 season.
  •  we charge a flat fee of $300.00*  if we are permitted to bring and sell our instructional fly-tying kits and DVD's.

             * We don't typically require travel expense reimbursement if we are traveling a few hours from home.   If we are traveling 3 hours or more from home each way- we appreciate gasoline, tolls and even lodging reimbursement consideration which can be negotiated.


  •  Contact us by telephone or email and ask us for contact information if you would like a reference or two regarding our presentations, professionalism and dependability........or contact Ken Dixon of the Buckeye United Fly Fishing Club    krgjdix@outlook.com  

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