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Fly-Tying Workshops    (Updated with 2018 prices)

We have been tying flies for well over forty combined years and have tied with or fished with names such as     Chris Helm, Lefty Kreh, Oliver Edwards, Wayne Luallen, Mike Martinek, Davey Wotton, Marvin Nolte, Gary & Jason Borger, Dave Whitlock, Gary LaFontaine,   Dennis Potter, Thomas Baltz, Jeff "Bear" Andrews, Walt Young, Don Bastian, Paul Little, Ed Engle, Ed Shenk, Peter Smith, Chris Watson, Mike Schmidt   and many others.   We are continuously reading books, watching videos and taking part in workshops and seminars to better our tying and teaching abilities.

As someone once said-

".........do you have thirty years of experience or do you have one year of experience thirty times over?"

We are constantly trying new materials, learning new techniques and being introduced to new  styles.  We offer fly tying lessons or workshops as follows:

  • Fly-Tying Workshops-  We have paid to take quite a few workshops and have tried to incorporate these experiences into our workshops.  Simply stated- Glenn River Fly Co. LTD is available to conduct fly tying workshops on sight within a 6 state area including Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Indiana and Illinois, for fly shops, clubs and other organizations.   Both Glenn and Wayne can be available to instruct for better educational purposes when participant numbers warrant.  Our goal is to walk you through numerous fly patterns, taking time to talk about materials, threads, techniques and styles.  We will provide a material kit for each pattern that you will be tying with us so there is no wasted time or interruption "passing' materials around the table.  If you have a fly-tying group or club, a fly-fishing group or club, a fly shop or other organization- consider calling us to custom build you a hands-on fly-tying workshop today! 

    We have conducted the following workshops for "beginner to advanced" tiers- and can easily custom build a workshop for your group:

    Trout Flies           (we have done pattern specific / technique workshops for dries, wets, nymphs, streamers etc)
    Bass Flies            (we have done workshops featuring deer hair, bass bugs, streamers)        
    Saltwater Flies     (we have done workshops featuring top "flats" patterns for bonefish, jacks, cudas and sharks)
    Panfsh Flies         (we have done workshops featuring top floating & wet patterns for bluegill)                                   

    Midges                 (we have done workshops featuring "micro" patterns)                           
    Terrestrials             (we have done workshops featuring "terrestrials" patterns)                     

    Working with Hair    (we have done workshops featuring "hair" patterns showing tails, wings, collars & heads)
    Working with CDC    (we have done workshops featuring "CDC" patterns showing feather types and techniques)

    General Tying Techniques and Tips    (we have custom built workshops for small groups & clubs to fit their needs!)

    Cost:    Our cost is based on a minimum group size of 10 participants and is based on a full-day class typically starting around 9am and concluding around 4pm.

    $50.00*         per participant for  "standard" patterns

    $75.00*         per participant for "more complicated or non-traditional" patterns

    $100.00+*     per participant for "full dress type Atlantic salmon fly patterns"

    Flat Fee        if you have a club and prefer to arrange a flat-fee, please contact me for a discussion

    *     Also, we might require additional funds if rent is necessary to secure a location for the workshop.     And, we might require travel reimbursement where applicable.

    Click here to contact Glenn regarding a workshop for your club or group!

  • Individual fly tying lessons- we enjoy teaching and we tie in public quite frequently. (see our Event Calendar page)  We can discuss individual lessons with you or perhaps make a suggestion.  Contact us. 

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